User Manual



Blueprints are special objects that can turn one of your pet into a new object. Some blueprints can give a disguise to your pet.

They work basically this way:

1 - You rezz the blueprint in the ground

2 - Select the desired UFOBot and move it to be above the blueprint, close less than 2 meters.

3 - Touch blueprint and it will ask if the pet is correct.

4 - Choosing yes, and if you have enough materials, your bot will disappear (yes, sadly, your bot dies) and another object will appear.

Most objects will inherit the pain and the glow of the pet.

To check how much of each material you have, use any bot. Choose the "Config >" menu option and them "Points".

Some blueprints know as "Bot Disguise" will change the shape of the bot, while it remain fully operational. An example is the 'Vintage Robot Bot Disguise' that will turn your pet into a vintage floating robot. Those disguises will inherit the paint and the glow.

All blueprints also has pieces that can be found by your Thinker bots. The number of pieces varies from blueprint to blueprint, and are usually from 4 to 20. When you have all pieces of a blueprint, you can get the full blueprint in the 'Blueprint Assembly Station" at the main store.

Note that there is 2 ways to get a blueprint:

- Buying one at the store of affiliate panels. This is the full blueprint, ready to use.

- Collecting pieces to turn into a full blueprint later.


List of Blueprints

Available means if the blueprints if available in the Assembly Station or in a vendor.

Blueprint Number of pieces Metal Wood Glass Paper Available
Alienum Meteor Stand 4 0 5 0 0 Yes
UFO Tip Jar 4 3 2 0 0 Yes
Wearable Float UFO 12 50 15 25 5 Yes
Holographic Christmas Tree 8 5 0 25 0 Yes
Alien Cube Bot Disguise 8 25 0 0 0 No
Phoenix Lights Bot Disguise 8 25 0 5 0 No