Welcome to UFOBot Official Website


UFOBots is a new breedable for Second Life.


Batteries not included!

User Manual

everything you need to know to take care of your new pet.


Join other UFOBot owners and exchange experience.

UFOBot Features

Each is unique

UFOBots have 7 types of traits: model, size, paint, glow, beam, victim, and artificial intelligence

Planets and Suns

UFOBots works on planets to produce new bots. And the energy of a sun speed up the creation of a new bot.


New bots need to be called by a beacon, that are created in a planet by a bot. You can trade beacons.


Blueprints, bots, and material scraps can create some exclusive objects.

Stores listing

Are you a breeder selling beacons? Get the merchant pack and be listed in our directory.

And much more coming

UFOBots are hard workers. Who knows what else they will bring to us?

Get your starter pack today!

The UFOBot Starter Pack includes:

  • 2 Starter Beacons
  • One planet Class A
  • Battery for 15 days for each bot
  • User manual

The UFOBots are sold by The Elven Starship store.