User Manual



UFOBot is a simple but fun breedable. By working on a planet, an UFO can create new UFOs with different traits, giving a UFOBot Beacon, that you can trade or just "birth" the new pet.

With the UFOs, planets, and sun you can create a nice animated solar system for your house. And to make things better, you can control the size of the planets and sun, the distance of the planets from the sun, and even the speed of the planet around the sun. The possibilities are endless.

The UFOs will fly around, just set them a home point, a range, and tell them to start moving.

You can also add your UFOs as attachments, to have a different companion. And the best: when attached the UFO has 3 different movements: floating, spinning around you, and flying around you in random directions.

And, to finish, they are low lag, low land impact, and you can transfer or sell the beacons.

This is only the start, much more is coming to the game:

- Blueprints: to build wearables or decoration with the material scraps and the bots

- Point store: when a bot vanish, or you dismiss one, you earn points, these points can be used in the points store.

- Limited Editions and Special Models (that will work with other The Elven Starship games)


IMPORTANT: UFOBots will disappear when they are 180 days old, when they travel to another dimension. When they do it, they give to you points that can be used in the store. UFOBots from Special Models or Limited Editions don't disappear (they are forever pets).


The sections here will explain how to take care of your bot.