User Manual

Pet Manual



- UFO need a planet to work if you want to get new UFOs. A class A planet come in the starter pack. Other planets you can buy in the store.

- UFOs need battery to work, but, with them, you don't need a source of energy available all the time, you add batteries to an UFO, and it will consume the energy from the battery over time.

- The UFOs are available in 4 models and 3 sizes. The availability of the models and sizes depends of the planet the UFO is working on.

- They have a wide range of paintings (skins) that will appear in a new bot depending of the planet of origin.

- Bots also can have beams and victims. They are a little hard to get, and comes in various colors and patterns, and depends of the planet.

- Bots have artificial intelligence too, with 4 types: Basic, Thinker, Scavenger, and Workhaolic. Check the AI section below for more information.

- UFOBots don't sleep and don't get sick, but they will stop to work if their energy ends.

- UFOBots can only start to work in a planet when they reach 4 days old, and will work until they are 120 days old.


"Feeding" an UFOBot

UFOBots needs batteries to work. You don't need to have a source of batteries, or energy, rezzed all the time near the bot. You just add a battery to the bot, and it will store the energy and consumes it over time.

To add battery to your pet, buy a battery in the main store. Rezz it and touch for a menu. Select "List Pets", it will show you all bots around in a range of 100 meters. Select the UFO you want to add battery. Note that it will list the UFOs that have energy below the "Cut", that is usually 10 energy. If you want to list bots that are below 25 energy, for example, change the cut to 25 using the options 'Set Cut'.

You can also add batteries to all pets in the range of 100 meters and that are below the cut. Just select 'All UFOs' option.

Another way to add energy to a bot is doing it directly in the bot. Use the option 'Add Battery' in the 'Config >' menu of the UFOBot. If there is a battery near (20 meters), the bot will get energy from it, accordantly to the quantity offered from the battery, Example: if you have a battery of 15 days your bot will get 15 units of energy.

The batteries comes in different models, with energy for 15 days or 30 days, and with a number of units: 1, 5, 10 or 25. The units allows you to add the energy for more than one bot, or a lot to only one bot.

Example: battery for 15 days 10 units can add 15 days of energy to 10 bots.

Important: do not rezz two or more batteries at same time, if you use 'Get Battery' from the bot Config menu, the bot will get battery from all the batteries rezzed, not only one.


"Breeding" an UFOBot

UFOBots don't "breed" like other pets, they create a new UFO while working on a planet. You don't need to match two of them, just one do the work.

When it reaches 4 days old, the UFO will start collection resources during 5 days. When it reaches 100%, the UFO can join a planet to produce a new UFO.

Select a pet with 100% resources collected and select "Join Planet" in the menu, it will list all the planets available around in a range of 100 meters. You just need to select one. The UFO will start to work in the planet. The bots can also join automatically a planet if you set a default planet in the Config menu (see 6 - UFOBot Menu options below for more information).

After 2 hours the planet will create a new UFOBot. The planet will NOT rezz the beacon, the boxed bot, instead, it will be put in a queue in the UFOBot Central Planet that will send it directly to your inventory. When you receive the beacon, rezz it to retrieve the bot information into the beacon (always do it before sharing a new beacon with another player, to prevent bot being lost).

The traits of the new pet pets depends of the traits available in the planet, with some chance to get the same trait as the "father" sometimes (not applicable to Limited Edition UFOs).

The traits an UFO has are: Paint (the skin color), Glow color, Size, Model, Beam, Victim (inside the beam and appears only of the bot has a beam), and artificial intelligence.

You can reduce the time need to produce a new UFO from 2 hours to 15 minutes with the use of a UFOBot Sun (refer to UFOBot Sun Manual for more information). There is no way to reduce the time required for the UFO to collect resources, unless it has a Workaholic AI (check the artificial intelligence section for more information).


1 - The UFO cannot collect resources without batteries.

3 - Planets can hold only 5 UFOs at same time.

4 - When an UFO joins a planet, it's working % drops to 0 and starts to show how much work was done in the planet.


Artificial Intelligence types

The bots can have 4 different artificial intelligence types:

1 - Base: this is the basic one and most common. Bots do nothing special, they just act as a normal bot.

2 - Workaholic: rare, this AI reduce the time the pet need to build resources in 25% (from 5 to 4 days), and also can give an additional unit of material after a breeding (rare chance).

3 - Scavenger: very rare, this AI can give an additional unit of material after a breeding (rare chance). It also will give one unit of a material while attached every 6 hours. The other utility of the Scavenger pet is to gather material from a Scraps Planet, a special type of planet that can be used as a traffic generator too, since you can allow other breeders to use it.

4 - Thinker: very, very rare, this AI produces parts of blueprints (check Blueprints section below for more information). It can give a random piece of blueprint after a breeding (rare chance) or every 6 hours while attached.

Note: the time for the pet being attached counts only when pet is attached and you are online, it not reset if pet is detached or you are offline, it just stops "ticking". This way you don't need to stay 6 hours online without interruption to get the material or blueprint piece.


UFOBot Movement

The UFOBot has 3 types of movements. The movement is controlled by the options of the 'Mov >' sub-menu:

- Radius: how far the UFO can fly away from the Home Point.

- Random 1: The pet will fly to random directions inside a sphere of radius set by the option above.

- Random 2: This is an experimental movement type we are implementing in the bots, and can be a little buggy and hard to use at this point. This option basically tells the bot to fly at random directions inside a box, instead of a sphere. You can control size of the box with the option 'Space'. This option is usefull if you want your pet to fly around a big room without diving into the ground.

- Float: the bot will float vertically up and down, the distance is set by the Radius option, and the Home point will be the lowest point of the movement.

- Set Home: set the home position of the pet. Need to be used every time you move your move and before starting its movement.

- Space: this option will rezz the box used to determine the area for the 'Random 2' option. Change the dimensions of the box, then touch it to finish and send data to bot. The box remain active for 5 minutes max before deleting itself.

To use the Random 2 movement type, follow the rules:

- Rotating the box will not have effect. The X size of the box will be the X size around the bot in region coordinates,

- The size of the box refers to the home position of the bot, no matter where it was when you resized it.

- The box will be rezzed with the center at where the pet is (not it's home point) and will try to use the latest size set.


UFOBot as an attachment

You can Add a bot as an attachment (always use add, because their default point is the pelvis and wearing can remove any previous attachment in the same point).

When attaching a bot, it will leave the planet it is working on (and will lost all the progress in doing a new bot, so take care doing this).

A new menu item will appear: Attachment (while others will be unavailable). In the Attachment menu, you will find options to control how the pet will animate around you.

You can change the position of the bot relative to you (the default one is at right behind your shoulder. The animations will respect the height the bot is located at.

- Float: the bot will do a simple floating up and down animation, in same place.

- Random Around: bot will fly around you in random directions, in a slightly smooth movement.

- Rotate: pet will rotate around you, in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. It will respect the height you put the bot.

- Stop: stop the current animation.

- Set Pos: after positioning you bot, use this option to set it's Home Pos while attached. This is the point the bot will use to come back when you stop animations.

- IMPORTANT: Stop the bot movement before taking it to inventory to wear it, this way you prevent getting an error in the debug window.


UFOBot Menu options

- Dismiss: if you don't want the UFO anymore, this button will send it to another dimension, and you will receive 25 credits (plus remaining energy converted to credits in a rate 1:1). Only use this option if you are sure what you want, because there is no way to go back.

- Jump Home: send the UFO to its home point.

- Traits: show the UFO traits, as well it's ID and version, in the local chat.

- Start / Stop Moving: make the UFO fly around in random directions.

- Hover Text >: this sub-menu has options and controls how the pet stats will be show (options with a mark in front are the selected ones):

-- Show Text: Hide or show the text.

-- Name: show UFO name.

-- Age: show age in days.

-- Batteries: show remaining energy.

-- Planet: show the planet the UFO is working, appears only when the UFO is working on a planet, even if check.

-- Working %: show how much work was done by the pet.

-- Model: if pet belongs to a special mode, the name of the model will appear.

-- AI Type: Show the name of the artificial intelligence the bot has.

-- Bright Text: controls the luminance of the text, that can be very bright or dim.

- Config >: this sub-menu controls various pet configurations:

-- Set Home: set the home point of the UFO. This is used to calculate the area for the UFO to fly around, as well where it need to go when you tell it to stop moving.

-- Set Name: just change the name of the UFO.

-- Phantom: will turn the UFO as phantom or not. Useful when you don't want them hitting people around.

-- Points: check how many points and materials you have in your account.

-- Notifications: when turned on, this option will allow the bot to send notifications by IM to you.

-- Get battery: add energy to your pet if there is a battery rezzed near (20 meters range)

-- Set Def Planet: this option allows you to set in which planet class the bot will work automatically after work is 100% done. The pet will try to find a vacancy in the near planets that is of the class set in this option. The bot try every 5 minutes. If this option is set to None, the bot will wait for you to come and tell it to join a planet.

- Sound >: allows the bot to play sound, and controls volume. The bot will play the sound only while moving and not attached.

- Mov >: controls the pet movement. Check the section 4 - UFOBot Movement above for more information on the options.

- Join Planet: this options appears only when the bot has 100% of the work done, even if there is a default class set. This option will list all planets available in a range of 100 meters. Planets that already has 5 bots working on them will not appear.