User Manual

Planet Manual



The planet is the responsible for "breeding" new UFOs, controlling the traits the new bot will have.

When you ask a bot to 'Join Planet', the bot will start to work in the planet to produce a new bot (refer to Breeding section in the pet manual). After 2 hours, a new bot will be available (or 15 minutes, if you have an active sun near the planet).

After a new bot is produced, the beacon isn't rezzed, instead it is added to the UFOBot Central Planet queue, and sent directly to your inventory. After receiving the beacon, you need to rezz it to retrieve the bot information into the beacon. Note: don't share a beacon just after receiving it, because it will not work with the new owner, first rezz, wait for the beacon to be updated, then share,

A planet can hold up to 5 UFOs at same time.

The planet has various options on its menu, including options to set size and how it will spin around.


** Menu options


- Show > : controls what the planet will show.

-- Status: show or hide the status text, that is the name of the planet and name of the bots working on it.

-- Moon 1: show or hide the small moon that spins around the planet.

-- Moon 2 - show or hides the second small moon.

-- Rings: show or hide the rings around the planet.


- Config >

-- Set Name: the default name of the planet is its class, but you can change to anything you like.

The next options let you set how the planet will move. You can build an entire solar system with various planets.

-- Show Center: will turn the center of revolution of the planet visible, to make easy to positioning it.

-- Center Distance: controls how far the planet is from the center of revolution.

-- Size: allows to change the size of the planet.

-- Speed: allows to change the revolution speed.


- UFOs >: controls the UFOs working on the planet:

-- List UFOs: list the names of the UFOs working in the planet.

-- Eject All: this will make all UFOs stop to work in the planet. It will reset their work in a new bot to 0.

-- Eject One: allows you to choose the UFO you want to eject (in case that the pet isn't around but still listed in the planet).


- Beacons >: in this option you can check the beacons you have in the waiting list, and can ask a redeliver of beacons in case you lost one before rezzing.

-- List: will list all beacons you have in the waiting list in the Central Planet.

-- Deliver: wil send a new beacon.


- Start Rev: Start or stop the planet revolution (the planet spinning don't have control)


IMPORTANT: the planet uses a low-lag, viewer only function to make the planet spin and rotate around the central point. Sometimes the viewer can stop this animation or don't let you touch the planet. In this case, touch the center.